Monday, 27 November 2017

Save A Life!

If someone is in need of help, lend them a helping hand. Do not wait for a Thank You! Because, the hands that help are holier than the lips that Pray!

20 years ago, an altruistic soul named Dr. Putta Bore Gowda a professor in the M S Ramaiah Institute Of Technology, along with the National Service Scheme(NSS) took an initiative to help the people. They started the Blood Donation Camp and they have successfully organized 19 blood donation camps. This year they are setting up the 20th camp and we would like to encourage everyone of you to donate blood. It takes less than 40 minutes to donate 1 pint of Blood but it can save 3 lives.
Also donating blood is a way to stay healthy, it has its own benefits. It boosts the production of new blood cells, helps in weight loss, also decreases the risk of cancer and much more. And the best part is the satisfaction you gain when you realize how you important you can be for someone in need.
So guys, be there at M S Ramaiah Institute Of Technology on 29th November 2017, the camp will be organized from morning 10:00 to evening 5:00 in the ESB basement. A good number of blood banks such as Red Cross, Ramaiah, Victoria, Raj Kumar etc will be visiting the institute. A team of well qualified doctors will look before and after you donate blood. Everything will be done in a purely hygienic environment so you don't have to worry about it! Just remember that if you are found underweight, or you have a low haemoglobin count, if you have a tattoo or a piercing done recently you won't be eligible to donate blood.

We hope we have played little part by spreading the awareness about this noble cause. Now it's your turn to donate blood and be a hero I'm someone's life:)
Lastly congratulations to the NSS-MSRIT for starting such an amazing initiative and we wish you all the very best for the 20th camp good luck!

Bonus: You will be given a certificate stating that you have donated blood , and this certificate is very important because it can get you free blood in case of emergency. So be it your family/friends, you can show this certificate to the respective blood bank and they will provide you with a unit of required blood for free! Which otherwise could cost you some money!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Jeddah : A Jaunt Through Memories

Al-Mamlakah Al-Ārabīyah As-Saúdīyah also known as The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia , the Islamic centre of the world where every year millions of people from all around the world visit the country. Apart from being the only Islamic centre this country has a lot to offer , and we are totally grateful to Allah (swt) as we both hail from the same country.
View from the top :)

So today we are taking you on a walk. A walk through the marvels of Jeddah. Jeddah is also known as the bride of Red Sea, it is called so because it lies on the Coast of Red Sea. Pretty fancy name we must say ;)

Al-Balad- Balad in Arabic means city and Al-Balad is the city centre of Jeddah. It also shows the historical side of Jeddah. People travelling to Makkah , Madina or even to other cities like Riyadh, take buses and taxis from balad. Now comes the fun fact, the Tomb of Eve is also situated in cemetery of Balad and it measures 130 meters...........yes its that long. Well, apart from all these you can find all kinds of shops from high quality Turkey carpets to Indian mangoes , from high end watch brands like Rolex to a local fidget spinner. This is one of the best places to shop anything in the city, Just that you need to walk a lot and it's tiring :(

Malls- Who doesn't like malls? Especially when you can find high end fashion brands and grocery supermarkets such as Danube /Carrefour/Othaim or Lulu hypermarket under the same roof. Also the food courts are huge and consist of Starbucks , Al-Baik , Baskin Robins and anything you can ask for.  Best part of every mall here is that each mall is equipped with an amusement section which is not only for kids but also adults can ride on here. Apart from all this a separate ice rink is another made in the basement section of the mall where all kinds of ice skating competitions take place. Now the best mall in town are definitely The Red Sea Mall and The Mall Of Arabia, but there are other numerous and interesting malls where you go just to kill time and shop if you are opulent:)

Fakieh Aquarium- Well it is the only aquarium open to public in the Kingdom, and we must say this aquarium is a piece of art. It boasts of about more than 200 species including sharks , sea horses and all the other fishes. There are dolphin and seal lion shows every day and trust me it's worth every riyal :) The is small compared to the Dubai aquarium but it is constructed beautifully , we recommend you to visit the aquarium on Wednesdays and Thursdays as the crowd is moderate also the tickets for both the dolphin show and the aquarium is 50 SAR. After a 45-50 minute walk from the aquarium you end up in a cute little store where you can purchase your souvenirs.

The Beach- Aaaah we are finally here!!!!!!! "Ocean breeze, puts a mind at ease", yes we love beaches and here in Jeddah you can find two types of beaches , common and private. At the Private beach you need to pay and then access it but it is worth because you can spend your own sweet time with your family at the beach and there is no dress code here. The best example of a private beach is Silver Sands Beach. The common beach also known as Corniche is also a beautiful beach. It has cabanas where you can relax with your family , sip Cawa or just watch the water hitting the shore. You can definitely enjoy in the water here as well just that you need to make sure you have your abaya on and you are covered. Apart from the cabanas there are swings , slides and trampolines where you can play even in the night time.
One main attraction when it comes to beaches is Masjid Ar-Rahma or The Floating Mosque. This mosque is literally constructed on water and it is situated on the corniche it self. The view from the mosque is amazing it's just the Sea on the right side and the city on the left. People visit this mosque without fail because it is a masterpiece ;)

Tahlia street-Also known as Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz street is a sophisticated fashion and shopping amidst Jeddah. It houses upscale shops and boutiques such as Prada, Gucci, Ted baker, D&G, and Chanel to name a few. This street is a Replica of Champs-Élysées located in Paris. It is also marked as a celebration street for soccer fans who drive up and down in super cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari or McLaren waving club scarfs and sounding their car horns or revving up their super cars just to celebrate victory. This sight is enthralling and the cars are worth watching. If you are a car enthusiast or a heavy shopper this place is meant for you. This street is our personal favourite and Thursday evenings are meant to be spent here.

Hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as we enjoyed writing it. Hope this post gave you an insight about this beautiful city Jeddah. See you soon with another interesting post. Until then happy travelling :)
Ar-Rahma Masjid :)

Thursday, 3 August 2017

An Anatomy On Abayas!

"Fashion is a statement, Not a style. Fashion does not have to be worn casually. Nor Outside the Runway. Fashion is fit for all sizes for all people of all ages. Fashion is an art of personal self expression. Not an excuse to be pretty, popular and charismatic."

Hey guys, So today we decided to showcase the plethora of Abayas - the biggest style statement in the history of Islamic clothing. As the oxford dictionary defines 'Abaya' as a full length , loose- fitting over garment worn by the Muslim women, over the years the designers have come up with beautiful yet modest styles of Abayas.

The "Rustic" look:
This is the most comfortable and decent style that everybody opt for! Whether a college going girl who needs be presentable everyday or a home maker who needs to head out for grocery....this is the style that goes best...A long , loose, black and simple abaya which needs to be buttoned up. And you're good to go!!!!

The "Panache " look:

Every one loves to deck themselves up when it comes to parties and functions. Hence, for this purpose the Abayas are made carefully using the 'fursan' fabric. It is the most soft and the best fabric used especially for designer Abayas. These Abayas are decorated with intricate embroidery , or crystal work or laces which gives them the panache look!!!!!!

The "Contrast" look:
Black- the colour of Abayas! But with the evolution of time people have come up with beautiful ideas to bring about a change in the look of the abaya. They have given colours that compliment the black abaya very well. Light colours such as beige, white, light gray, peach, browns and baby pink go very well with the black Abayas. These colours are blended well into the abaya, they are either printed with these colours or sequenced or laced , which elevates the flair of the abaya!!!

The "Cardigan" look:

An abaya can definitely be worn along with maxi dresses, jeans, and maxi skirts, this gives you a chic look. These kind of Abayas do not have buttons/ belts. They also have large sleeves compared to other abaya sleeves. The material used is mostly synthetic fabric and usually these kind of Abayas are double layered. These are famous among the western Muslims....and its slowly spreading to the Asian countries as well.

 The "Butterfly " look:
This look is my personal favourite, this abaya is nothing but a kaftan inspired abaya. The edges of the sleeves are directly attached to the remaining  length of the abaya, unlike all the other Abayas. It's the the most beautiful look the designers have ever created. It's so comfortable and can be worn for any occasion. The best part of this abaya is the flow that it gives, the material used is usually chiffon teamed up with a satin fabric underneath. This look is quite famous among youngsters.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the different styles of abayas . Do tell us which was your favorite style in the comment section below :)

Bonus : All the abayas shown above are around 180-220 SAR. So if u happen to visit the Islamic capital of Saudi Arabia...that is Jeddah , the best place to shop for abayas is "Abaya Souk" in Bawadi. Also the "Queens Building Commercial Centre" in Balad offers a wide range of beautiful abayas at the best price. See you next time in shaa Allah, until then happy shopping :-)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

An amateur's visit to the bowling alley

Even though the title talks about one person, in reality they were two amateurs, on the lookout for leisure during their boring college summer break.
Us being us not knowing what to do landed up with the opinion of going to a bowling alley and hence ended with the nearest location to our place i.e. Wow World 😆😆 previously known as star city, opposite to palace grounds,Bangalore. It has a bowling alley as well as arcade games but with different cost prices though ;)
 When u decide to do something fun for once and you live in Bangalore, you either end up stuck in traffic or come across the place you had chosen to be crowded with much as we hate crowds and traffic you do too!! So, here is the awesome part, you get to have fun with your friends and no crowd at all, no means not a single soul!!!. How cool is that???

Yes!!! it is cool, so all you have to do is visit the place during weekdays anywhere between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you too will have your "praise the lord" moment 😆 and all this for just the cost of 120 INR per person and they also have parking facility for 30 INR per hour. You don't have to wear shoes nor socks but just in case you are planning to visit, carry a pair of socks, you never know when 
.they decide to change their minds 

That was the happy part and here comes the not so happy part, yes we are talking about the arcade side now, well it wasn't that great it was costly for us, 250 INR for four games was a bit too much is what we concluded. We won tickets though 😆, 40 tickets in total and I bet you wont be able to guess what our prize was.............................................a chewing gum😆😆😆😆..........strawberry flavored😆😆😆😆😆.

 This doesn't mean we didn't have fun, its always the little things that makes us smile wholeheartedly and leaving our souls satisfied so cherish these little moments while they last :)

And thus, we concluded the day with our favorite ice creams, mango and chocolate flavored ones ^^
             That's all for now..............see you soon !!!!

BONUS: In the arcade game, you have to pay 50 INR as a deposit for the card they provide you, which will be returned once you are done with all the games and the card has been returned. The tickets won will be counted and depending the tickets you receive points and extra 5 points are present in your card 😉 the points will be calculated and you will receive your prize. Make sure to win loads of tickets 😉😉

Save A Life!

If someone is in need of help, lend them a helping hand. Do not wait for a Thank You! Because, the hands that help are holier than the lips...